Gingerbread Candles 

GINGER NUTS - Our most gorgeous winter warmer scented Christmas candle. A spicy sweet mix of gingerbreads that have just come out of the oven. At the stage where they’re still gooey. Ginger, cinnamon + clove. with  anise, maple + cookie. If this doesn’t get you all ‘festivey’ we don’t know what will.


Pumpkin scented candles

SPICED PUMPKIN - All the Autumn feels. And a modern warming festive classic. Warms the soul and comforts. With an initial hit of pumpkin, nutmeg, zesty orange and lemon, with mid notes of ginger and clove all sat on a base of caramel, tonka and vanilla. When the leaves start to fall, and the outdoors turn from yellows to oranges and reds, this will comfort and warm like a toasty pumpkin latte, cupped in the hands in your favourite spot.


Mulled wine scented candles

MULLED WINE - A hit of spicy fruits, with a warming heated kick shouts festive season. A deep rich fruity vibe with orange peel feels, anise, orange zest, hugged by spicy, homely comforting cinnamon, back up by apple notes and deep brown sugar with courmarin. This is Christmas bottle. Think European markets and nights by the log fire.


Mistletoe scented candles

MISTLETOE - An enchanting, herbal fragrance unveiling top notes of zesty lime cooled by hints of green leaf and mistletoe, galbanam and basil. Fruity nuances of apple, cassis and melon follow until the heart emerges through jasmine and lily. Lifted by subtle spicy hints of cinnamon and clove. On a dry down, precious woods with cedarwood, warm amber and patchouli bring the fragrance to a captivating close.


Christmas Frankincense + Myrrh candles

FRANKINCENSE + MYRRH - A Christmas candle fragrance that screams Christmas but at the same time laughs in the face of tradition. This fragrance would not be out of place as part of a high end perfume or aftershave offering. It's complex, moody, contemporary yet based on notes that are ages old. With super exotic frankincense top notes, dreamy smoky and spicy. The classic woody mid notes in this candle are balanced with myrrh and all set on base notes layered musk and amber. So could you could wear it.


Christmas Oud scented candles

OUD - A fragrance legend. Our classic oud has notes of agarwood and very slight hints of rose. Given body by patchouli, raspberry and amber mid notes and touches of florals in the top notes. This is not fruity. Its powerful, exuberant and wealthy. The body is given a super luxurious saffron, pear, orange blossom and a touch of musk to let the star of the show, the super bold oud power through.