We offer a damn fine selection of fragrances, we work with a number of top perfumers and fragrance houses and have created and selected what we see as a stunning selection.

We have split our fragrances into departments, this is solely to help you get a feel for where they sit on the spectrum, however, this is a guide, it’s not a gospel. You know what it’s like, you smell someone’s fragrance as they walk past, leaving you with a waft of something… You say to your friend “Oh, that smells like ……”, they look at you and say “Nooooo, it’s more like ……” You both say something totally different, that’s because a fragrance is a very individual thing. The very same blend of carefully curated ingredients and notes can say something to one, but something oh so very different to another. So, basically, what we’re trying to say here is don’t get so caught up on labels. We’ve supplied you with the notes for each fragrance, some of our thoughts and an idea on where it sits, but we’re not giving you a name. Why ? We think that’s wrong, giving a fragrance a name, or a label already starts to set in stone what your brain thinks, what you perceive it as, before your nose has even had a sniff, that’s not right. So our fragrances have a number and a description. That way you can form your own opinion, for you, for your brand. You’re not on our own though, we can help you with this. We encourage all of our private label clients to name a fragrance, create your own description, your own vibe. A vibe that matches your tribe, your customers. That way what you have is yours, it’s unique. It’s for your brand and not the same as any other brand. You have your own fragrance. Unique. Perfect. You.



 Only the freshest feels here. Think spring and summer mornings, scents wafting in on breezes, sun on the skin. That’s where these are at. Some crossover with the fruity side, but that’s cool. It’s all good when the sun shines.


01. Bergamot  and citrus leads into a spicy heart, with rose, spiced patchouli into bright amber and mossy notes and a subtle woody base

02. Top notes of lemon verbena, lemongrass and a fresh freesia accord. A floral heart of pink peony, white flowers and ylang ylang combine with peach flesh. A hint of coffee and incense leave an indulgent base.

03. Seriously fresh, verbena, lemon and orange notes combine beautifully to make this into a well balanced fragrance that’s just the right side of sharp and zingy

04. A powdery fresh fragrance that is perfect for bright days and fresh starts. Powdery soft, modern floral top notes, which leads into cotton flower, subtle musk and vanilla hits. Base notes of iris wood, parma violets and smooth, calm amber.

05. Think of a windswept beach, spray in your face and the cool wind blowing away all of your cobwebs. Well we wanted to bottle that feeling. Starting with marine florals, zingy top notes with a hint of refreshing seaweed brought in on a salty breeze. Touches of cyclamen and water lily. A base of sparkling crystallised salt given a warmer feel with a base of amber, patchouli and musk.

 06. A fragrance that is a holiday in a bottle. Inspired by our love of Ibiza but perfect as holiday inspo. This one will transport you straight to the beach. Top notes of beautiful bergamot, with just a hint of orange, lead into Ibizan bougainvillea and exotic coconut. All balanced with base notes of vanilla, almond and rich amber. Think of the most amazing silky sun cream on tanned skin. That’s where this is at.

07. A true classic  fragrance coconut will always hark to dreamy shores and faraway beaches. Creamy coconut top notes given some oomph by caramel and sweet vanilla bean mid notes. All with a solid base of soft almond milk and peach tones



Florals are a fragrance classic, nature inspired and subtly sweet. We’ve added some more notes to these to really let the florals shine. They also work as s spring/summer fragrance and work equally well as a relaxation option.

08. An initial hit of a fruity and floral fragrance, with notes of peony and red apple with aqueous, gives way to mid notes of hearty rose, with jasmine and carnation. This complex fragrance is finished with sweet violet, hints of plum and a subtle base of musk and amber.

09. A stunning take on a floral fragrance. This rich scent opens with white florals, bergamot, ylang ylang and neroli is balanced with a strong beating heart of jasmine, narcisse, gardenia, orchid and orange blossom notes. All set on a base of musk, precious woods and oh so subtle dry, fruity feels.

10. A simple classic, think of the floral fragrance of an English rose garden. It’s that, simple and stunning.



Traditionally lavender based so that’s where these are at, but don’t be limited, check out other fragrances that also work just as well for chilling and just taking it all in.

11. With a blend of essential oil lavender, paired with clary sage, subtle musk and moss oils. Hints of bergamot, vetiver and cedarwood to accompany the dead sea minerals

12. A fragrance to bring classic lavender kicking and screaming into the now. It’s lavender for the millennium. Top notes of classic Provence lavender, lavender oil and hints of rose petals, lead straight into chamomile leaf and soothing camellia flowers all resting on a base of creamy vanilla bean and hits of soft cedarwood and musk



A hard to categorise department, so we try not to. Some of these are punchy, some are complex, some have dark strong hearts. Hints of woody tones and exotic spices abound. Have a think, try a sample.

13. Punchy and groovy. This is deep and complex. It’s like a classic male cologne, but loved by ladies. Musky top notes with aromatic vintage cologne feels, lead straight into exotic, rich sweet spices with finest Cuban tobacco notes and a touch of cognac all balanced with woody base notes including oak and dark, moody ebony turned on by deep incense. A future classic.

14. A punchy, deep, warm, rich fragrance, Stunning taif/damask rose and hints of peony start into milky cloves and nutty ambers finished with vanilla a touch of praline and subtle agarwood all with a strong punchy, smoky oud running deep in it’s veins.

15. Warm, deep and spicy. With a start of burning incense. Think top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and armoise straight into mids of ylang ylang and wafting incense. Base notes of leather oud, hints of floral patchouli with a classic base of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

16. Imagine breezy herbal notes, with wafts of sweet bergamot blown through woods and mosses creating a powerful blend. First to hit is lavandin, bergamot, and hints of eucalyptus, leading into a floral yet punchy mid section of rose, geranium, lavender, leather. All of this is carried strongly by patchouli, moss, sandalwood, musk to give a solid base.

17. A heart of black lily, rose and geranium and a touch of pomegranate, but this isn’t your traditional florals, it’s paired perfectly with herbs and spices of clove, ginger, nutmeg, thyme and a base of black amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli with moss and vanilla feels.

18. Powerful musk, that is creamy yet powerful, matched with caramelised amber top notes and honey feels. With a mid section of subtly spiced peppercorns and a hint of geranium all set on a base of oh you're such a star Sandalwood, punchy patchouli and smooth Madagascan vanilla pods.

19. A fragrance legend. Our classic oud has notes of agarwood and slight hints of rose. Given body by patchouli, raspberry and amber mid notes and touches of florals in the top notes, given a solid base of super luxurious saffron, pear, orange blossom and a touch of musk to let the star of the show, the super bold oud power through.

20. An initial hit of bergamot, lemon with mandarin and spiced zesty fruits of  Mandarin, Cinnamon, Apple, Grapefruit leads right into cedar, amber, jasmine and patchouli with an oh so delicate touch of tobacco. All finished beautifully with bases of musk, sandalwood, amber, myrrh, vanilla and Tonka to make a wonderfully complex fragrance.



With the majority of their fragrance dedicated to natural fruits, this selection is for anyone who wants fruity feels. That’s not to say they are boring in any way. There’s unique notes added in to give them a whole new lease of life.

21. A stunning hit of pink grapefruit, leads into mandarin and citrus notes, balanced with a hint of spearmint. These fruity notes lead into floral hits including Jasmine, gardenia and lily, following seamlessly to reveal creamy base notes of sweet vanilla.

22. A sweet yet refreshing lemon fragrance, perfect for Spring.

23. Top notes of juicy plum, pomegranate and fresh roses perfectly compliment a heart of patchouli, cedarwood, violet leaf and spices, all coming to rest on a musky base of amber, vanilla and leather.

24. Vibrant, fresh, zesty fun with some grown up sophistication. The citrus maxima or citrus grandis. (aka) the gangsta big daddy of the citrus world, the grapefruits bigger cousin = the pomelo. Oh hello pomelo meet my friend the inside of a bursting champagne bubble. Top notes of Grapefruit, Orange, Pomelo, Rum lead into mids of zingy tart Rhubarb, juicy Nectarine, Watermelon, Prune, Jasmin and all set stunningly well on solid Musky base notes

25. Deep dark red blood orange is the real star of this show, balanced beautifully with lemon, lime, tangerine, and bergamot all bringing a little bit of extra citrus loveliness to the notes in this fruity hit.

26. A fruity fig bang and fairly sweet scent with a floral undertone. A very popular fragrance for warmer feels. Subtly sweet, fruity hints set on a floral bed. A wonderful fragrance that is perfect for spring and summer, but works for any season.

27. A zesty hit of a juicy mix of Sicilian lime and zesty bergamot, exploding into mandarin, white florals, peppery basil notes and caraway seeds. With a velvety soft patchouli base and cut through by crisp vetiver.



Some fragrances can’t be tied down. They are unique, nothing else is quite like them. So guess what, we ain’t gonna try. Unusual, inspiring, something a little different. Go on we dare you to try.

28. Luscious, creamy, dreamy Madagascan vanilla pods are the heart of this fragrance. A balanced with a nutmeg and floral tone all set on a base of nutty warm woods and touches of velvety musk.

29. Bringing florals bang up to date. Forget all notions of grandmas rose petals. This one is a punchy number as classic roses are whipped up with notes of Turkish delight, rose buds and mids of punchy oud and creamy vanilla.

30. Cocoa backed up with subtle sandalwood and amber musk base notes, given a little help with magnolia, tuberose, muguet, rose and violet all balanced with mellow apple, grapefruit and fresh cut cucumber.

31. Dark, strong and punchy coffee beans that give a perfect tough hit. Imagine just what you need to kick start a day. This is it.

32. A bit of a superstar for those “in the know” noses in the fragrance world. Tonka bean works stunningly well with the vanilla pod and iris wood base notes. Mellowed with a hint of dried fruits Mids of tobacco blossom and cacao are finished with tops of spicy musk and sweet but powerful tonka bean A fragrance that is oh so contemporary, but with nods to the classics

33. Vintage Leather bottled. night blooming jasmine . saffron . raspberry . thyme . olibanum . musk . amberwood. Soft on the nostrils this is an exciting grown up smell. It’s playfully arrogant. A masculine fragrance. Smooth like the inside of a brand new car. It's confidence in a bottle and probably what Brad Pitt smells like. The fragrance doesn't show off, it doesn't need to. It knows it's good. It's a great cold weather fragrance

34. Sweet creamy almond. Top notes of delicious almond lead into a heart containing soft velvety floral nuances, that just take the edge off the almond. Base notes include transparent bark & crystal musk.

35. A blend of 100% natural oils. Floral feels with bergamot, orange, aniseed and cypress top notes flows into a heart of ylang ylang and tagette set on base notes of cedarwood and patchouli.

36. Zingy citrus and bergamot top notes are set on mids of exotic jasmine and crisp white florals , balanced with smooth amber and muguet, cedarwood, iris wood, vetiver finished with cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and musk. With oakmoss and Tonka bean.

37. Smooth creamy milk chocolate is set on a base of minty fresh peppermint.

38. The feeling of good things happening. Wafts of fresh cut grass make us feel like spring is in the air, summer is coming, things are getting brighter. It’s fresh with hints of morning and dew.

39. Fresh cut mint, a blend of peppermint and spearmint leaves all balanced on a silky base of subtle white tea make this a fresh and refreshing fragrance.

40. An evocative fragrance that is just like the popular brand of baby powder we all know and love. Fresh, powdery notes with subtle musky bases.

41. A stunningly sweet treat. Creamy almond and vanilla base notes give a solid feel which is topped off with sweet, rich red berries and fruits, with sweet cherry notes to send you into cakey heaven.

42. This is a super naturally woody blend. With an infusion of eucalyptus leaves hints of spicy bay and a base of clove buds.

43. If you have ever visited Thailand, you will know that the smell of lemongrass says it all. Restaurants, beaches and hotels smell of this wonderful fragrance that for us just encapsulates the Thai experience. It’s the star of the show in this stunning scent. Paired with zesty lemon and mids of lime and grated nutmeg. With spicy, punchy ginger base notes and sweetened with vanilla and patchouli.



There’s not many that don’t love something about the festive season. We are firmly with Buddy the elf, so don’t hold that against us. What is better than candlelight for Christmas. Well, we’ll tell you…. It’s candlelight with a perfectly Christmassy fragrance going on.


44. A fresh look on festive fragrance. Taking classic Christmas and winter notes to create something new. This is a rich and full aroma, starting with crisp notes of bergamot, zingy lemon leaves balanced with warming spices and enhancing fresh eucalyptus, lavender and geranium. This is all paired with base notes of full red  cedar, massoia wood, amber, frankincense and musk to give a truly luxurious and warming feel

45. A modern festive classic. With an initial hit  of nutmeg, zesty orange and lemon with mid notes of ginger and clove all set on base notes of caramel, tonka and vanilla.

46. Ginger nuts is our most gorgeous winter warmer. A spicy mix of gingerbreads that have just come out of the oven. At the stage where they're still gooey. If this doesn't get you all 'festivey' we don't know what will. 

47. An enchanting, herbal fragrance unveiling top notes of zesty lime cooled by hints of green leaf, galbanum and basil. Fruity nuances of apple, cassis and melon follow until the heart emerges through jasmine and lily, lifted by spicy hints of cinnamon and clove. On a dry down, precious woods with cedarwood, warm amber and patchouli bring the fragrance to a captivating close.

48. A hit of spicy fruits, with a warming heated kick shouts festive season. A deep rich fruity feel with orange zest, hugged by spicy, homely, comforting cinnamon, backed up by apple notes and deep brown sugar with coumarin. This is Christmas bottled, think European markets and nights by the log fire.

49. We wanted a fragrance that screams Christmas but at the same time laughs in the face of tradition. This fragrance would not be out of place as part of a high end perfume or aftershave offering. It’s complex, contemporary yet based on notes that are ages old. With super exotic frankincense top notes, dreamy smoky and spicy. The classic woody mid notes are balanced with myrrh and all set on base notes of layered musk and amber. So good you could wear it.



We have curated a selection of wonderful essential oil blends. We can also offer solo essential oil fragrances, so if you want pure Neroli or a lone lavender, just ask. These blends are designed to bring essential oil fragrances bang up to date.

50. A beautiful blend, top notes of clove, lead into juicy mandarin orange, with some spicy hits of cinnamon and nutmeg, set on a cheeky bed of on trend Tonka paired with classic patchouli oil.

51. Classic floral notes take the reigns, rose & geranium floral feels, balanced with orange, cabrueva adds some slight woody notes all topped off with mandarin, mimosa and pink pepper style.

52. Classic cedarwood stars, paired with another classic, ylang ylang adds a slight earthy feel which is dragged back in the game by zingy Neroli, lemon, orange, galbanum and mimosa absolut.

53. Some fragrance classics take centre stage for this one. Spicy and woody top notes of nutmeg, a secret star player of ho wood, oh so slight hits of lavender and jasmine give heart to the base notes of patchouli, cedarwood and tonka bean.

54. A zingy start of lemon and lime is pushed along by juniper and estragon, set on bergamot, slight touches of coriander, with lavender all carried on the big strong shoulders of cedarwood and it’s old friend patchouli.

55. Floral, but with a twist. Top notes of spearmint and pepper hits give a fresh feel, then boom in comes the heart of geranium, stunning ylang ylang mids all with a banging base of vetiver and cedarwood to give a solid woody feel.

56. A slightly different take, orange flower absolut mids are carried along by ylang ylang, petitgrain. Paired with olibanum, classic oil patchouli brought up to date with clove and labdanum resin.

57. Spring forest feels of pine needle and eucalyptus pair in a big way with fruity lime and mandarin to lead the way. Straight into petitgrain, galbanum, cedar leaf and nods of peppermint all set on a good solid footing of anise, olibanum and lavender absolute… What a blend !



We are always on the hunt for new fragrances, our noses never stop . Trust us, it's a blessing and a curse. So here's some awesome new feels that we have sourced . These are available now, so go ahead. Give them a try. These will make you stand out !

NEW FEELS A. Magical, Mystical. The essence of calm and chill... But with a bit of a punch. A truly unique fragrance. Nag Champa is the absolute star of the show. Super rich sandalwood notes, slight hints of florals all set on patchouli, cedarwood and oriental amber. This fragrance works sooooo well for wellness vibes and clearing negative energy.

NEW FEELS B. Such classy vibes with this one. It's a serious blend. Taking Palo Santo as the main event. With Bergamot, olibanum are set with cypress, touches of mint and basil, leading to a heart of clove and verbana resting on a super complex base of patchouli, velvet woods, tonka, benzoin, moss, amber & an oh so subtle hint of leather. This is perfect as a cleansing, spiritual feel + for enhancing creativity and reducing stress. Such a unique fragrance that really cannot be compared to anything else.

NEW FEELS  C. Super modern fruits on this one. Rich, deep berry hits, set on cherries & peppercorns, with touches of florals. A solid base of musks and classic jasmine and vetiver make this a fruit for it's time. this one really hits well as a modern take on berry hits. It's classic but contemporary all at the same time.

NEW FEELS D. A super fresh take on spring/summer vibes. Such a clean blend, but still with enough base to shake the walls. Zingy whacks of citrussy grapefruit and sweet orange lead, paired with hints of nutmeg and oak to back them up as the classic vetiver comes right through and lets you know it's here, in the only way that it knows..... By smelling simply a-may-zing. This one is perfect for warmer times, but works well all year round.

NEW FEELS E. This is floral, but not flowers for normies. We always stretch our fragrance sights that little bit further in sourcing some amazing florals that you might not have thought of. Get the notions of grandmas flower garden out of your head, this one is evocative of faraway shores. One sniff and you will be transported to somewhere tropical. When we check this we think of being on white sand, turquoise seas and blue skies, but maybe with a high end spa close to hand too. This one has frangipani as the star of the show. It doesn't need much more, it's that good. It's soft but powerful, floral and fragrant, but powdery too and just the right side of a little heady. This one works well for dreamers & lovers of the good life.