A range of manifestation, energy alignment, self care & personal development candles by The Luxe Candle Co. Inspired by Clare's own journey from Psychology degree and thesis on alternative medicine, quantum physics and energy work/Reiki training.

The collection comes from the heart. Truly. A collection of products designed and created to promote mindfulness and good energy in your space. Cleanse your aura and energies around you to clear away negative vibes and open & fill your heart feeling mindful, gratitude and good vibes. A range for YOU.

When we work at raising our energy, we can create a life we love & dream of. Positive thoughts, affirmations & intentions all work to raise your vibration & energy (cool). Low-vibe thoughts reduce our vibration & take us out of alignment from the Universe and we begin to attract low-level outcomes (not cool). Raise your vibration with a manifestation candle, until you are in complete alignment with the Universal energy.  Once there, there are no limits to what you can attract.

The Luxe Candle Co. manifestation candles have been hand-made and Reiki energised, then blessed with a powerful affirmation.


A NOTE FROM CLARE* It's possible to lift & thus change your vibrational energy. If we can all learn how to do this, life feels immeasurably better. When vibrate at a higher frequency, not only do we feel better, we are open to receive beautiful outcomes. This power is within everyone. We just need to tap into it & I hope what I've created does this for you. It's changed mine & my families lives. xx

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