Looking for a quick order white label candle service? You found it. Here you can order some classic candle styles to create your own candle brand. Let us manufacture your own brand / own logo scented candles (in a choice of fragrance), available to order in smaller quantities, perfect for smaller businesses. To get your first candle line up & running in no quick time.

You supply us with your own artwork for the label.

We do offer a very detailed bespoke white label candle service here. But for those wanting a simple vessel, with a label, in smaller quantities. This page might just be for you. This is for you if: you're a brand new businesses, or a super small business wanting to dip your toe into candles for now (you might have super ideas for when you're established brand, but just want a candle jar with label for now), you need v low min order qty's (like 10), you have your own artwork sorted already, you want the candles quick (like 2 weeks), you're raring & ready to sell sell sell ;-).

What are you waiting for? 

Choose your candle vessel below to start your own candle business.  

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